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The iPad has the potential to make teaching and learning truly interactive.

Check out what we can do with the iPad in the classroom

1. Students create their own presentations using Keynote. They are able to create multimedia presentations w/ just the iPad. After it's all done, they can connect to LCD, send as an email, export as pdf file, present from Pico projector.
2. Work on documents (using Pages app).
3. Read books, magazines, newspapers, anything students are interested in reading on any topic!
4. Educational games (on every topic and at every level)
5. podcasts (video and audio)
6. Talking Books, AKA Read-alongs ( also Digital Disney Books includes read along w/ Disney stories (check out an example at
7. Flashcards students create for any topic
8. Listening interactives where kids have to listen to decide what they're hearing (animals, tools, transportation, etc.)
9. Vocabulary - iTouch iLearn (
10. Dictation. Scribes out what the person is saying. Kids could see their story in print! (
11. Princess Phonetics and Prince Phonetics
12. A ton of practicing math skills (
13. Read-Aloud. Kids read story (from book, or written work) aloud, iPad records and stores. Kids can save their story for others to listen.

Top 5 iPad Apps for Teachers
  1. Keynote - Create presentations or use your existing PowerPoint presentations.
  2. Expedition Web Browser - Display the Internet through the VGA dongle.
  3. GoodReader - Display a variety documents through the VGA dongle.
  4. PaperDesk - Turn your iPad into a whiteboard.
  5. iSaveWeb Pro HD - Save websites to browse when you don't have Internet access.

Top 5 iPad Apps for Classrooms
  1. Strip Designer - Create comic strips with your images.
  2. Puppet Pals - Create digital stories on your iPad.
  3. Sundry Notes Pro - An electronic notebook.
  4. SonicPics - Create digital stories with your images.
  5. eClicker - Turn iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches into student response systems.

iPad Resources
iPad Starter Guide - A free eBook manual for your iPad, how appropriate.
iPad in Education Ning - This network of educators and technology directors is exploring and sharing how to integrate iPads in teaching and learning.
Apps for Education - A ever-expanding list of apps for the classroom. Please help this list grow by using the form at the bottom of the page to add your favorite educational apps.

MyScratchWork is the easiest to use note taking app for students. Open the app and lined paper appears. Press the button to the left and a web browser appears. The split screen function
Evernote gives you more options in reaching you notes than any other app. The one drawback is that your note can not be exported out to a document file. I like the audio recording feature except it only records for 20 minutes at a time.
Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite
Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite allows text to be added to a document. Notes can be either placed into a folder within the app or transferred through wireless connection to another device. Transferred documents can be opened with Microsoft Word. Notes can be sent to
Math Sheet Calculator
Math Sheet Calculator is an algebraic and geometric calculator. The workspace above the calculator shows previous calculations that have been entered in the app.

Big Calculator Free

Photo Editing
PhotoPad gives you the most features at the best price (FREE).


Editing GoogleDocs
MuktiG was created to work within the Google framework. The app gives access to most of the Google apps. I have used the app to edit documents and spreadsheets and I use it to check my Gmail account. It is nice to have all of the Google apps in one app.
Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite

Office2 HD