Wikis in the Classroom

Wikis are powerfully engaging for students. This is my favorite web tool!
  • Wiki Walk Through from TeachersFirst. A great tutorial about what a wiki is, why to use wikis in education, and how to use wikis in education.
  • Wiki Slide show

Wikispaces, PB Works, and Wet Paint provide free wiki hosting. I prefer Wikispaces because they provide free advertising-free wiki hosting to teachers.

Building pages on a wiki is a great way for students to record and share knowledge about topics they've researched. Teachers can generate discussions and motivate students to delve deeper into the curriculum.

Ideas for wikis in the classroom:

Use wikis to collaborate and peer edit writing assignments. Students have access to writing outside the classroom, but still allows teachers to monitor what's being typed. Wikis are interactive, modifiable, dynamic and easy to use webplatforms. Wikis are easy to use and provide dynamic abilities to otherwise static content.

Students can
1. share, discuss, and contribute content without physically meeting.
2. use as a forum to respond to literature in a more public way. Students prefer this format to the writing and submission using hard copy.
3. write a weekly entry in response to chapters read the week before.
4. use this space to formulate ideas and questions, and/or propose theories and answers.
5. comment on one another's ideas.
6. write poetry in class and post final copy to share with others. They are publishing their work for a real audience which creates a seriousness and immediacy to the writing. Knowing that their classmates are their audience has encouraged students to write better, longer, and more deeply.
7. discuss big ideas in history, literature, science, and interdisciplinary topics.
8. create multi-media projects to demonstrate understanding of a specific idea. It's easy to upload text, images, links, audio, video and widgets.
9. ask questions about assignments and/or projects or content.
10. incorporate video and audio into lessons as a review lessons.
11. watch videos on lessons taught in class.
12. share videos on lessons taught in class.

Take a look at how teachers are using wikis in their classrooms: What Can You Do with a Wiki?

Cool wikis:
Excellent resource:
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