There is a cool website called voicethread. It allows lots of people to comment on the same image!

To comment, all you need to do is  head to this link- CLICK HERE.

You will then be taken to a site called voicethread.

You should see the first image load (it may ask you to create an account first- if so that’s fine, see below) – to see the other 2 click on the small pictures on the bottom right of the screen.

You can comment on the picture you are viewing by clicking on ‘comment’.  You can comment by

Or you can even record your voice if you have a microphone at home!
When you are commenting you will see a circle of colours- click on these to draw all over the picture- to show us something you have noticed etc!

Before you comment, it may ask you to create an account.  All accounts created when following links from here will be on the education version of voicethread.   You’ll need to register- put in an e-mail address (either the one you use on here to comment, or your name (which isn’t an e-mail address but will still work!))  and your first name in the first name box, but only the first initial of your last name in the last name box.   [If the @ key doesn't work- try using the " key instead- depending in what way you access the account creation it sometimes think you are american, and on keyboards in amaerican the @ key is above the 2 ]

If you comment on the voicethread, and make a comment on ALL 3 pictures (and draw on one of them to point something out) you’ll gain 1/2 a merit – just for being brave and trying this out!    Please comment on this post also to let me know you have tried it out and what you think of it!

Have fun voicethreading- any difficulties let me know!