Additional Awesome Resources:

EL Teacher Training Videos
Check this out

Super Teacher Tools
Jeopardy, Speed Match Quiz, Board Games, Seating Chart, Group Maker, Random Name Generator, Countdown, Global Counts, Hangman, Flash Lottery Probability, Classroom Update, Live Meter

Class Tools
You can do everything here, from making your own games, choosing a random name, using a countdown timer, uploading graphic organizers, and a whole lot more!
(The applications and possibilities here are endless)

Utah Education Network
Here's a bunch of flash-based interactives compiled from across the net.
(Most of these interactives are flash-based, which means they're more engaging (at least, I think so))

A cool website that helps kids publish their own stories.

An online teleprompter (Can be used for presentations)

Shape Collage
A cool, automatic photo collage maker

You can convert text into a living movie
This program allows kids to create their own interactive stories, animation, games, music, and art.
(There are so many ways to implement this across curricular areas)

This is an online program that is similar to Apple's GarageBand (which I totally love!)

Other Internet Sites:
Brainpop Jr.
Discovery Education